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Mortise Locks St Helens

Mortise locks are mostly installed on wooden doors in St Helens for added security. They come in different security standard from 2 Lever, 3 Lever, 5 Lever and British Standard 5 Lever.

The more levers the lock has determines the probability of some one else having the same key as you in St Helens. If you have a 2 Lever Mortise lock then it is more likely to find another key that works in that lock than if you had a 5 lever mortise lock.

The amount of levers also determines the security of the lock is from picking.

2 and 3 lever mortise locks are made to be installed on interior doors where only low security is needed.

5 Lever Mortise Locks are for more secure internal doors or external door.

At L-W Locksmiths St Helens we always recommend the British Standard 5 lever mortise locks as these are the same as a 5 lever but with a longer bolt and an anti drill plate for extra security and for the lock to be insurance approved.


Mortise Locks St Helens


Mortise Sashlock St Helens